How our membership works

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The Rising Osteopathic Family Medicine is a Direct Pay practice. What this means is you will pay a monthly or yearly membership fee in order to see Dr. Naymick as a patient. One of the benefits to paying a membership is having after-hours and weekend access to the physician.

We will try to accommodate same-day appointments for our members when there is an illness or an emergency. And/or same week appointments for routine follow-ups. We will always do our absolute best to make accommodations for our patients.

We require a membership contract to be signed in order to join the practice and have access to Dr. Naymick. You can cancel your membership at any time with a 30 day written notice.

Because of the nature of a Direct Pay, we do not accept, file or bill any insurance company or Medicare. You are welcome to submit any labs, injections or tests for potential reimbursement from your insurance provider. We cannot guarantee any reimbursement. We will provide diagnosis codes (ICD 10) and CPT codes on the invoices and statements that we print for you. Since the office visits for members are included in the membership there will be a $0.00 fee associated with all office visit codes.

When using Cleveland Heart Labs, Quest and LabCorp we can submit your insurance information with the blood work.

Updated January 31, 2023